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A Big Update

This week was quite productive!

I have posted a new episode of Senecast. It's called "On the Renown Which My Writings Will Bring You".

I also completed the second episode of Lucky 24.

Make sure to check out both!

I have also started playing with Adobe Character Animator which will be an exciting thing to try out. So far it's looking quite promising, and I will think of a way to use it in the coming months.

New Senecast

After a short hiatus, I have resumed producing Senecast.

In the latest episode, Letter 20: On Practicing What You Preach, Seneca discusses the importance of making your words and deeds match.

A timely reminder for myself. The last month or so has seen a slow-down in productivity, but I am re-taking the reigns.

Concept for "Podcast Ticket"

My dad sent me a link to an interesting concept. I won't share the link because, though it is interesting, its implementation as a "10-year anniversary gift" was rather cheesy.

But to describe it: it was a large, printed waveform. My dad suggested it would be cool to include a QR code that invoked playback of the depicted file.

Good idea, Dad!

Ticket to Listen

I will print a few of these out and see whether it attracts any listeners.


Lucky 24 Debut

After a couple of weeks in production, Episode #1 of Lucky 24 has hit the tubes.

In no particular order, I'd like to thank:

  • Patagast the Purple, for assisting me with the original concept, and encouraging me to always be writing
  • Shlee the Saphire for encouraging all my projects
  • Sarah Kelly for ably providing the voice for the wonderfully named "Piss"
  • Will Morrisey for the absolutely killer theme music

You can have a listen to the episode right here on

New Senecast & A Little Note

Firstly, I have just added a new Senecast - Letter 18: On Feasts and Fasting.

Also, I have taken a short break from updating this site. You might have noticed.

The last week I've been working on finishing ep. 1 of Lucky 24, but more than that, I've been a bit down.

Looking back over my journals, it's difficult to pinpoint a single thing factor that was indispensable in my increase in experienced misery, but there it was, undeniable and stubborn.

This week I intend to claw back from productivity from the doldrums, and this weblog will be a testament to either my success or failure.

If there is anyone out there reading this, other than myself at some future time, thanks for sticking with me. I appreciate it.

Senecast - Letter 21: On the Renown Which My Writings Will Bring You
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