Episode 3.1: The Man From the Atom

IN "Alice in the Looking Glass" the beautiful play of fancy which gave immortal fame to a logician and mathematician we read of the mysterious change in size of the heroine, the charming little Alice. It tells haw she grew large and small according to what she ate. But here we have increase in size and pushed to its utmost limit. Here we have treated the growth of a man to cosmic dimensions. And me are told of his strange sensation and are led up to a sudden startling and impressive conclusion, and are taken through the picture of his emotions and despair.

Episode 2.2: The Thing From Outside (Part II)

Join us for the exciting conclusion of The Thing From Outside, by George Allan England.

Episode 2.1: The Thing from Outside (Part I)

“Here is an extraordinary story by the well-known magazine writer, George Allan England. This story should be read quite carefully, and it is necessary to use one's imagination in reading it. The theme of Mr. England's Story is unusual and extraordinary. If we can take insects and put them upon the dissecting table in order to study their anatomy, is there a good reason why some super-Intelligence cannot do the same thing with us humans? It may be taken as a certainty that Intelligence, as we understand it, is not only of our earth. It is also not necessary to presume that Intelligence may have its setting only in a body of flesh and blood. There is no reason for disbelieving that a Super-Intelligence might not reside in gases or Invisible structures, something which we of today cannot even imagine.”

Episode 1: The Soul Spectroscope

The Soul Spectroscope, by Edward Page Mitchell. A comical tale of a madcap inventor whose soon-to-be-invented invention will completely transform the world!

Senecast - Letter 21: On the Renown Which My Writings Will Bring You
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